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Important Things for Buying Ammo Online

Buying the right ammo is not an easy task for sure. When you decide to purchase handgun ammo, always make sure that you know exactly what you are looking for. Focus on the specifications of ammo that you want to buy, rather than just looking for the best prices online. Keeping in mind the factors…
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Outings Create Memories

What is in a day, or outing, for shooting to you?  We at Highland Lakes Ammunition, LLC grew up with frequent outings to the “ranch” or “farm”.  These outings almost always included “plinking” contests between family members.  Who could shoot the best group with the handgun, who could hit the target with the rifle at…
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HLA Reconitioned Brass vs New Brass

Highland Lakes Ammunition, LLC is a manufacturer of quality Handgun and Rifle ammo.  We manufacturer handgun ammo with both all new components and with components that include reconditioned brass.  All ammunition that is manufactured with all new components is clearly marked as “New Components” and ammunition that is manufactured with reconditioned brass is clearly marked…
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