Outings Create Memories

What is in a day, or outing, for shooting to you?  We at Highland Lakes Ammunition, LLC grew up with frequent outings to the “ranch” or “farm”.  These outings almost always included “plinking” contests between family members.  Who could shoot the best group with the handgun, who could hit the target with the rifle at 300 yards, or more?

These days were filled with boasting as one shot better than the other on any given day.  With a very competitive group of four boys and our father shooting there was always a different victor on each outing.

Our first stop was to purchase handgun ammunition and purchase rifle ammunition, the second stop was at the small grocery for snacks for the day, then the boasting on who was going to shoot best this day would start.  Most of the day was spent walking back and forth to the target seeing who shot the best, come to think of it we walked and talked much more than we shot.  Great memories were stored up with such simple times!

We at Highland Lakes Ammunition, LLC wish the same type of memories for our customers and friends.  Purchase  rifle ammunition and purchase handgun ammunition from our website at www.hlammo.com and be ready to create memories for your next outing.